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Disorderly Conduct Case Dismissed - Domestic Injunction Dismissed

Our client struck up a relationship with a woman and moved to Madison to live with her. Unfortunately, after several months, things were not working out.  On a recent weekend, our client, his girlfriend and some friends attended a festival. He and his girlfriend got into a verbal argument at the festival.  When they got home, she told him the relationship was finished and he needed to move out.  Several days passed as our client searched for a new place to live.  Fed up, the girlfriend called the police and reported that the client had threatened to harm her at the festival several days before.  Police arrested our client for disorderly conduct and prosecutors filed charges against him.  That same day, his girlfriend petitioned for a domestic abuse injunction.  He moved out and immediately contacted Chirafisi & Verhoff.  Our lawyers met with the girlfriend prior to the injunction hearing.  After our lawyers discussed the situation with her, she agreed to voluntarily dismiss the injunction.  Our lawyers then discussed the disorderly conduct charges with the prosecution.  Our lawyers told the prosecutor that if the case went to trial, we would argue that the girlfriend’s decision to seek an injunction and call the police was not because she was disturbed by the client’s behavior at the festival.  Rather, she was simply using the system as a mechanism to get him out of the residence.  After meeting with our lawyers, the prosecutor agreed he could not go forward and dismissed the disorderly conduct charge.