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OWI Amended to Reckless Driving

Attorney Tim Verhoff was able to secure an amendment from an OWI-1st offense to a citation for reckless driving in Madison Municipal Court.  In addition, Attorney Verhoff was able to convince the prosecution to dismiss a companion citation for imprudent speed.  Our client hired Chirafisi & Verhoff after he was involved in a traffic accident that led to his arrest for OWI-1st.  Our client admitted to having consumed wine and a couple of beers earlier in the day.  He performed poorly on the field-sobriety tests and exhibited some of the tell-tale signs of impairment including glassy eyes and slow speech.  He submitted to a breath test which produced samples at 0.08 and 0.79.  Attorney Verhoff was able to convince the prosecution that poor weather conditions contributed to the accident and explained that the performance on the field sobriety tests was due, in part, to several knee and leg surgeries.  Attorney Verhoff obtained the client’s medical records to document this fact.  Based on this information, the prosecution agreed to amend the citation from OWI to a reckless driving, rather than go to trial.  This saved the client an OWI conviction, several hundreds of dollars in fines and a lengthy driver’s license revocation.