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Felony Strangulation Charge Dismissed

Our client was arrested and charged with a felony count of strangulation after getting into a physical confrontation with his wife.  The stakes were high for our client.  Not only was he charged with a felony, but as a person who is required to carry a firearm for work, any conviction for a domestic violence offense would mean he’d lose his job.  A loss of his employment would have resulted in losing more than a decade’s worth of benefits along with the pension coming to him.  Our attorneys were able to prove to the prosecutor that while our client may have pushed his wife during the argument, he had not strangled his wife.  The Assistant District Attorney (ADA) agreed to dismiss the felony charge upfront.  The ADA then entered into a deferred prosecution agreement on a low-level disorderly conduct charge, which will be dismissed at the conclusion of the agreement.