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Battery and Disorderly Conduct Charges Declined

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office agreed not to file any charges against a Chirafisi & Verhoff client who was recently arrested by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.  The client, who was visiting Madison from Illinois, attended a party at a relative’s home.  After the party ended, a person not affiliated with the party entered the home without permission.  Our client asked her to leave.  The person refused and things turned physical as our client escorted the interloper out of the house.  Our client then went to bed thinking the incident was finished.  But she was wrong.  The interloper, who was intoxicated, called law enforcement and reported that she had been assaulted.  The Sheriff’s Department arrived and took her statement but did not question our client who had gone to bed.  The Sheriff’s Department returned the next morning, took a statement from our client, and then arrested the her.  She then hired the lawyers at Chirafisi & Verhoff.  Our lawyers met with prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office.  We provided prosecutors with information about our client, who is a professional with no prior criminal history.  Our lawyers provided our client’s version of the events, the criminal history of the reporting parties, as well as information from witnesses our client would call if the case was charged.  After discussing the matter, the prosecutor agreed that no charges would be filed.