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OWI/PAC 1st - 0.14 Amended to Inattentive Driving

The police found our client sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle blocking the driveway of a person who was trying to leave. Upon making contact with our client, police noticed indicators of possible impairment and ultimately arrested our client for Operating While Intoxicated.  The client provided a breath sample which registered a result of 0.14.

The problem with the case for the prosecution was they couldn't establish a time of operation.  The car was not running when the police arrived and although the client did make some statements as to time of operation, they were vague enough to cause problems for the case.

Ultimately, the prosecution realized there was a real problem with her case and she offered to resolve the matter for an inattentive driving ticket.  Even though the client was almost twice the legal limit, he was able to avoid the OWI conviction.

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