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Green County OWI/PAC at 0.12 Dismissed

What was supposed to be a fun day of tubing down the river in Green County turned into a legal quagmire for our client.  A 20-year-old college student, our client was driving his friend home in the afternoon when law enforcement stopped him for having a broken tail lamp.  What started out as a stop for an equipment violation quickly turned into an OWI investigation after the client informed the police officer he had been drinking earlier in the day.  The client was arrested and taken for a breath test, which showed a reported alcohol concentration of 0.12 percent.  Concerned about what a conviction meant for his future, the client and his parents hired Chirafisi & Verhoff to deal with the situation.  After Attorney Corey Chirafisi reviewed the reports and the video, he filed two motions to suppress the evidence based on two different legally theories attacking and challenging the manner in which law enforcement gathered the evidence against our client.  The case was scheduled for an evidentiary hearing.  On the day of the hearing, however, the prosecutor saw the problems with the case.  He did not even bother offering an amendment to the OWI charge.  He simply dismissed both the OWI and PAC charges.  The client then pled to a much less significant citation for a violation of the absolute sobriety law and was extremely happy with the results.