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Unlawful Driving Case Dismissed

Our client was stopped in Madison while driving one morning and was arrested because his license was revoked.  He faced a conviction, fines, and up to a year in jail.  The client had been convicted of a third-offense OWI almost approximately 18 months earlier.  As a result of that conviction, the Department of Transportation revoked his driving privileges.  Unfortunately the client, who was not originally represented by Chirafisi & Verhoff in the OWI case, did not know he could obtain an occupational permit that would allow him to drive lawfully on a limited basis.  When the client met with our attorneys, we immediately recognized that he was eligible for an occupational permit and advised him to obtain one as soon as possible.  As for the criminal charge of operating after revocation, prosecutors initially sought a conviction in the case.  But when our attorneys explained that the client was stopped on his way to work at 8:30 in the morning, was eligible for an occupational permit at the time but didn't know, and presented the prosecution with the client’s newly-obtained occupational permit, the District Attorney simply agreed to dismiss the charge against him, much to our client’s delight.