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Domestic Disorderly Conduct and Intimidation of Victim Charges Dismissed

The Madison Police Department arrested our client for a domestic disorderly conduct and intimidation of a victim after he was in a dispute with his landlord.  Before our firm became involved, the Dane County District Attorney's Office filed criminal charges against our client.  The landlord also filed a domestic abuse injunction against our client.  After a hearing on the injunction, the judge denied the injunction petition.  Attorney Verhoff then used the dismissal of the injunction to our client's advantage in the criminal case. Before trial, Attorney Verhoff met with the prosecutor to discuss the criminal case. He outlined the proof problems anticipated with the government's case.  He also shared the judge's decision regarding the injunction with the prosecutor, suggesting that if a judge refused to issue an injunction on the same facts (and a lower standard of proof), the prosecutor may have a hard time convincing twelve jurors our client was guilty of the crimes alleged.  The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the case, much to the delight of our client and his family.