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Drug-Related Charge Re-Opened and Dismissed After Original Conviction

This case is an example of why it is never too late to contact a lawyer.  Our client was charged with an ordinance violation for possessing drug paraphernalia.  The client, a young college student without a record, failed to appear at the initial court appearance in the case.  As such, she was convicted by default and ordered to pay a fine.  She and her family were concerned about how the conviction, even though not a criminal violation, would impact her future.  A few months after the conviction, she contacted our lawyers to see if anything could be done.  Attorney Verhoff spoke with the client and learned that she had voluntarily engaged in an AODA and participated in treatment after the conviction.  He then contacted the District Attorney's Office and explained the situation. After discussing the case with Attorney Verhoff, prosecutors then agreed to sign off on a motion to reopen and dismiss the charge against our client.  Once again, the client is able to honestly report, if ever asked, that she has no prior convictions.