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Felony Drug Manufacturing/Maintaining Charges Dismissed in Rock County

What started as a seemingly benign "unlawful fishing" case rapidly turned into a multi-count, felony drug case for one recent Chirafisi & Verhoff client.  DNR wardens contacted the client on suspicion that he was illegally trapping and transporting minnows.  After contacting him, the wardens asked if they could go to his property to "have a look around."  The client felt pressure and consented.  Once on the property, authorities smelled the strong odor of marijuana coming from a shed.  They then obtained search warrants and located a marijuana grow operation.  After authorities took the client to jail, prosecutors charged him with two felony crimes, manufacturing THC and maintaining a drug trafficking dwelling.  The client was particularly concerned because a felony conviction would jeopardize his long-time job.  Through the course of negotiations, Attorney Verhoff was able to point out evidence to prosecutors to support his argument that while the client grew marijuana, he did so only for personal use to manage pain symptoms. Ultimately, Attorney Verhoff was able to convince the prosecution to dismiss the felony charges and allow the client to be convicted of low-level, misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges.