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Injunction Petition Dismissed

The burden of proof at an injunction hearing is incredibly low.  A judge only needs to find "reason to believe" a respondent engaged in certain conduct or will engage in certain conduct.  But at Chirafisi & Verhoff, our lawyers have an unbelievable track record in having injunction petitions filed against our clients dismissed.  In the most recent case, our client's former girlfriend filed a harassment injunction against him.  Prior to the injunction hearing, our attorney met with the petitioner and worked out an agreement by which she voluntarily agreed to dismiss the petition, and our client agreed to have no contact with her for a period of four years.  If our client violates the agreement, the judge is free to simply issue the injunction at a later time.  In reaching this resolution, it ensured our client is not subject to an injunction, possible arrest, and possible prosecution unless there is a violation of the agreement.