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Injunction Petition Dismissed in Dane County

Our client found himself in the middle of a messy family court situation involving child custody issues.  Also wrapped up in the situation was a piece of property that the petitioner’s parents owned and had allowed the couple to occupy for several years on a “rent-to-own” agreement.  As the relationship deteriorated, the parents sought to remove our client from the property.  Our client filed an action in family court regarding placement of the child he shared in common with the petitioner, and the petitioner, in turn, filed a harassment injunction against the client.  Concerned about how an injunction would impact him, the client turned to our lawyers for assistance.  Attorney Verhoff sat down with the client to review all of the relevant documents and evidence.  He discussed the case with the client, came up with a strategy, and prepared the client for court.  Attorney Verhoff liked our client’s chances in court on the merits, but explained  to the client that the ultimate decision on whether or not to issue an injunction would be up to the judge.  Attorney Verhoff recognized if an injunction was issued against the client, it would definitely hurt the client in his quest for child custody. On the morning of the injunction hearing, Attorney Verhoff met with the petitioner’s lawyer and worked out an agreement by which the petitioner agreed to dismiss the injunction without having the judge hear the case.  In doing so, our firm secured an agreement by which no injunction was ever issued against our client, helping to preserve his case for custody in family court.