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Iowa County Drug Conviction Avoided

Our client spent an evening camping with friends at a state park in Iowa County.  While there, a DNR warden contacted our client and his friends.  During the interaction, the DNR warden suspected that individuals in the group were in possession of illegal drugs.  The warden investigated, and our client ultimately was arrested and charged with a criminal offense for possessing marijuana. Worried about the implications a criminal conviction would have on his future ability to obtain jobs, as well as his eligibility for student loans, he contacted an attorney who referred the client to Chirafisi & Verhoff.

Attorney Tim Verhoff met with the prosecutor assigned to handle the case and reached a resolution by which the assistant district attorney agreed to amend the charge from a criminal drug offense to a non-criminal violation for excessive noise at a state campsite.  For penalty, the client had to pay a small fine.  Needless to say, the client was thrilled with the outcome.