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OWI 1st- Dane County – Case dismissed

While we like to tell people of the great results we are able to obtain in these types of cases, this case is a little different.  This case proves that having a lawyer sometimes is what you really need to get the results that you want.

Client was charged with 1st offense OWI when he was stopped for being in a parking lot after the business had closed late one weekend night.  The officer then turned that stop into a full fledged OWI arrest.  When the client went to the police station to provide a chemical test of his breath, he was actually under the legal limit.

Because he was under the legal limit he thought he could handle the case on his own.  He made the court appearance and attempted to speak to the prosecutor about the case.  When the prosecutor explained that the offer in the case would require that he enter a plea to the charge, the client decided it was time to get some help.

The client reached out to Chirafisi & Verhoff for assistance.  After hearing the facts of the case it was clear that the government would never be able to prove the case if it went to trial.  The client was charged a very nominal fee for filing paperwork and demanding a jury trial.  Shortly after the pretrial was held with us representing him at the hearing, all charges were dismissed.  Sometimes all it takes is having a lawyer present.