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OWI 3rd- PAC .18 amended to Reckless Driving

Our client was pretty concerned, as he was charged with a 3rd offense OWI when he was called in for sleeping in his vehicle in a gas station parking lot.  Client had looked around for lawyers and ultimately called Chirafisi & Verhoff for representation.

Prior to the administrative hearing, Corey Chirafisi reviewed the police reports and video and found what was ultimately the issue that got the case amended.  The reports were unclear as to what time the client had arrived at the gas station, which put admission of his test result in jeopardy for the prosecution.  The prosecutor initially was unwilling to move off of the OWI and wanted significant jail time and a lengthy driver’s license revocation. 

Finally, about 2 days before trial, the prosecutor realized that his case was starting to fall apart.  He was very hesitant to amend the OWI charge because it was the client's 3rd offense.  However, he did agree at the final conference to amend the charge to a reckless driving where the client paid a $200.00 fine and walked away with no revocation, jail or criminal conviction.