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OWI & PAC 1st, THC charges all dismissed

Our client had been stopped by police for allegedly swerving in an unsafe manner around two squad cars that were involved in the stop of a different vehicle.  The police began following our client and also believed that she had deviated outside of her lane onto the shoulder of the roadway.  During the contact with the client, marijuana was located on her person and she was charged with possession of THC as well.

The client didn’t really believe that she could beat the case.  Her friend had used Attorney Corey Chirafisi previously and told the client to give him a call to see what he could do to help.

Attorney Chirafisi started out through the administrative review hearing by locking the officer into certain statements that proved to be the tipping point in the case.  After that administrative hearing, Attorney Chirafisi watched the video and noted that the information provided by the officer at the administrative hearing did not match what was clearly on the video.

The prosecutor realized that there could be some problems; and without ever filing a motion, Attorney Chirafisi convinced the State to dismiss the OWI/PAC and THC charges.  In exchange for the dismissal, the client agreed to pay a $187.00 ticket.  She was more than happy, especially since when the case began, she had no real hopes of being successful.  It's cases like these which should serve as a reminder to all that talking to an experienced lawyer who knows OWI defense is always a good idea.