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Violation of Harassment Injunction-Iowa County

Our client ad an outstanding warrant for not complying with the terms of a harassment injunction.  She was understandably concerned as law enforcement was attempting to arrest her.  She called Chirafisi & Verhoff to see if there was anything that could be done to help her situation.

There was: First, we got the warrant quashed so the client could continue with her day to day activities without being concerned that she was going to be arrested at work or her house. Then, we were able to review the correspondence between the client and the complaining witness which made it clear that the complaining witness was simply playing games with the legal system.  After the initial appearance, we provided the prosecutor with the emails and text which made it clear that the complaining witness wasn’t looking for actual assistance to keep the client away from him, he was using the police to arrest the client when he didn’t want her around.

Once the prosecutor saw the emails and text, he agreed that the charges were not appropriate and dismissed the case outright.  Our client was extremely grateful as it allowed her to continue on her career path without any further issues.