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OWI & PAC dismissed! Dane County

Our client was charged with both OWI and PAC as a second offense after the UW Police Department conducted a traffic stop.  The client’s breath alcohol concentration was 0.12 percent.  Our lawyers reviewed the case and spoke with prosecutors, who initially sought jail time, a substantial fine and a driver’s license revocation.  Our lawyers argued that the officer’s basis to stop the client speeding dissipated before he was actually pulled over.  This was because the officer followed our client several miles without making a stop, and waited until the client parked outside his apartment before contacting him.  Our attorneys reviewed the video evidence and pointed out to the prosecution that the video showed no bad driving.  In addition, our lawyers argued the officer failed to follow national protocol when conducting the field sobriety tests.  Finally, our lawyers argued the officer did not adequately conduct the breath-test procedure.  Based on our arguments, the prosecutor moved to dismiss the case, and the circuit judge agreed saying the prosecution could not meet its burden of proof.