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Second Degree Sexual Assault & False Imprisonment Charges Declined - Madison

Our client was going through a separation/divorce from his wife.  She contacted local law enforcement to report that her husband had taken her to a hotel and repeatedly sexually assaulted her and falsely imprisoned her during the course of several days.  He was taken to jail on the charges.  His wife also filed an injunction hearing and testified at the hearing.  Using the transcript from the cross examination at the injunction hearing, our lawyers were able to sit down with the prosecution and point out inconsistencies between what she said at the injunction, and what we believed she told police.  We also provided background about the divorce proceedings and explained to the prosecution why she had motivation to make up the allegations against our client.  After our lawyers talked to the District Attorney about how a trial would actually look in the case, the prosecution agreed that the State couldn’t prove the case and it was dismissed.