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198 pounds-90,000 grams of Marijuana Suppressed

Great outcome for our Client who was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver THC in an amount of 90,000 grams, the equivalent to 198 pounds.  This case stems from multiple search warrants executed which led to a search warrant of the client’s property where the marijuana was located.

The challenge was not only the warrant(s), but the judge who was hearing the case was the judge who signed the warrants.  We had to convince the judge that he was wrong when he originally signed the warrants.  We challenged each of the three warrants on lack of probable cause.  After extensive brief writing and legal arguments, the Court found that the second warrant and the warrant to search the defendant’s home both lacked probable cause and the Court threw out all evidence obtained from the search.  

Not only was that the 198 pounds, but also all of the money and vehicles which were seized as products obtained from unlawful drug distribution.  It was a huge win for the client.  Clearly a prison sentence was avoided and the client was in utter amazement at the outcome.