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All Around Victory: OWI Reduced to Reckless, DC and Refusal Dismissed

Law enforcement stopped our client for what is termed a "rolling domestic."  He and his girlfriend were having an argument in the car, and she called police.  Upon arrival, law enforcement pulled him over and asked him to step out of the car.  The police began questioning the client about what happened.  Officers also smelled an odor of intoxicants, and the client admitted to consuming alcohol at dinner.  Authorities then asked him to submit to field sobriety tests, but he refused.  He also refused to submit to a chemical analysis of his breath.

The client was arrested on a criminal charge of disorderly conduct, an OWI-first and the refusal to agree to a chemical analysis of his breath.  Attorney Verhoff spoke with prosecutors at the time of charging, and they agreed not to charge a criminal offense. Instead, the District Attorney issue an ordinance violation on the disorderly conduct.  As the case unfolded, our attorney was able to convince the prosecution to amend the OWI charge to a citation for reckless driving, dismiss the refusal, and dismiss the disorderly conduct citation.  In the end, the client paid a modest fine on the reckless driving, but avoid a conviction for an OWI and the refusal, as well as a criminal charge, and the accompanying license implications and associated fines.