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Arrested for Dozens of Felony Drug Charges, but No Conviction

This case is yet another example of why a person should hire a lawyer well before charges are filed. Our client, a high school student about to start college, was arrested by local law enforcement after authorities found a variety of controlled substances in his backpack.  He was taken to jail and booked in on 15 felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.  His family turned to Chirafisi & Verhoff for assistance.  Attorney Tim Verhoff immediately contacted the Dane County District Attorney's Office and arranged for a bail hearing.  The client was released from jail that same day on a signature bond and avoided spending a long, holiday weekend in custody.  The next court date was scheduled approximately two weeks later.  During that time, Attorney Verhoff coordinated a meeting with the prosecutor assigned to make the charging decision in the case.  The prosecutor initially planned to file multiple felony charges against the client.  But after discussing the situation, the prosecutor agreed to file misdemeanor charges.  He also agreed to resolve the case with a deferred prosecution, meaning all charges will be dismissed once the client completes the program.