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Dane County Domestic Case Dismissed Before Initial Appearance

In this case, our client was arrested for a domestic disturbance involving his wife.  After reviewing the case, the Dane County District Attorney's Office filed a non-criminal charge called County Disorderly Conduct against him.  At the time, the client had a different attorney, who appeared and entered a not guilty plea on the client's behalf.  Shortly after the initial appearance, the prosecution contacted the client and informed him the non-criminal charge would be dismissed.  Then came the bad news: the prosecutor told our client he would be filing a criminal charge against him. 

The client decided to look for new legal representation.  Upon advice from a friend, he contact our office.  Attorney Verhoff immediately contacted the District Attorney's Office.  Although the criminal case had been filed at that time, our client had not yet been to court.  Through negotiations, our attorney was able to convince the prosecution to delay the initial appearance.  He then was able to get the prosecutor to agree to  dismiss the charge before the formal court appearance upon condition the client met certain conditions.  As negotiated, on the day of the initial appearance, the case was dismissed.  The client may now truthfully answer that he was never charged or convicted of a criminal offense.