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Domestic Battery and Disorderly Conduct Declined

A recent case is yet another example of why you should not wait until you are charged with a criminal offense to call our office.  In this case, police in Dane County arrested our client for domestic battery and disorderly conduct after a physical argument with his adult daughter.  The client contacted our office several days before his first court hearing.  He provided Attorney Verhoff with significant details about what transpired, the history of problems with his daughter, and other details about himself and his family.  Attorney Verhoff then met with the assistant district attorney who was tasked with making a charging decision.  Fortunately, he was able to meet with her before a decision had been made.  He provided the prosecutor with background detail and indicated, based on his knowledge of the case, a self-defense claim could be mounted on behalf of our client.  After meeting with our lawyer, the prosecutor reviewed the case.  She decided not to file any charges in the matter and contacted our lawyer to let him know.  She even thanked him for providing her with important background information, not contained in the reports, that played part of her decision to decline the charges.