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DV Injunction Dismissed After Cross Examination

A Court Commissioner recently dismissed an domestic abuse injunction filed against one of our clients in a somewhat unusual situation.  The client's former live-in girlfriend filed the petition months after the couple broke up and as they were disputing child placement and property issues.  Prior to the hearing, Attorney Verhoff made a settlement offer to the petitioner.  If she agreed to dismiss the injunction, the client would provide her with certain property.  The petitioner and her lawyer flatly rejected the offer, wanting to proceed with the hearing. 

The petitioner provided her testimony, and Attorney Verhoff set out cross examining her using various texts she had sent to the client.  Needless to say, she had difficulty handling most of his questions.  Before cross examination could be concluded, the Court Commissioner stopped the hearing and admonished the petitioner that she should consider trying to resolve the case.  The hearing was adjourned and scheduled to continue about a week later.  Upon return for the continuation of the hearing, the petitioner and her lawyer approached Attorney Verhoff  and agreed to dismiss the injunction.