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Embezzlement, Not Guilty Verdict (Racine County)

This case was a co-defendant case involving a husband and wife who previously worked for a construction business.  We tried the case with Attorney Mark Richards, who represented the husband, and our firm handled the wife's case.  The allegation involved the couple stealing upwards of $80,000 without the owners permission.

After the case was dismissed once, finally the matter was ready for trial.  We became involved after the wife had dismissed her first attorney.  The trial lasted for 3 days.  In all honesty, the defense (both attorneys) completely dominated the trial, so much that on the final day of trial, the prosecutor admitted that he was not arguing that the couple had taken what was initially alleged, but he was reducing it by 2/3.The jury was out for less than 2 hours before returning a not guilty verdict for both clients. 

Our client wrote us a nice note: "Just wanted to express my gratitude for what you did for us.  You put your heart and soul into our defense and for that I am so appreciative.  In my prayers I thank the parents who brought you onto this earth.  How proud of you they must be.  Thank you to your wife and children who were without you while you were in Racine helping me.  I will never forget the length you went to in pleading our case."