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Felony Domestic Dismissed in Marathon County

Many people can picture this situation. Our client and his wife were stayed at a hotel in Wausau for a youth sporting event.  After the games that day, many of the parents spent the night consuming alcohol.  It was during this time our client and his wife got into a verbal argument.  As she approached him, he grabbed her by the arms and held her down on the bed to prevent her from hitting him.  Another parent heard the fight and called police.  

Our client was arrested and prosecutors charged him with a felony for false imprisonment, as well as a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.  The client hired Attorney Verhoff upon the advice of a local prosecutor.  Attorney Verhoff engaged with the assistant district attorney in Marathon County and explained that he believed he could defend the case arguing self-defense.  He also provided significant background to the prosecutor about the client.  Prior to trial, the district attorney agreed.  He extended an offer too good to refuse.  He agreed to dismiss the felony and have the client participate in a deferred prosecution agreement on misdemeanor disorderly conduct.  Provided our client stays out of trouble for the next year, the remaining charge will be reduced to a non-criminal ordinance violation, the legal equivalent of a parking ticket, and pay a $5.00 forfeiture.  As an avid hunter, our client was thrilled to avoid a felony conviction or conviction for a domestic criminal offense, which would have resulted in the loss of his firearm rights.