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Felony Drug Charge Dismissed, No Conviction in Dane County

In this case, our client did not immediately hire Chirafisi & Verhoff, but he and his family were grateful they ultimately did.  Local police contacted the client after the van he was driving broke down on the side of the road. Police responded to assist and claimed to smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Authorities conducted a search and located a variety of drugs, including psilocybin, Oxycodone, amphetamines, and synthetic marijuana. The District Attorney's Office filed multiple felony charges including drug possession and possession with intent to deliver.  The client's first lawyer told him the case looked grim, and he would likely be convicted of at least one felony and serve a considerable amount of time behind bars.  The client and his family wanted a second opinion. Based on a recommendation from someone who works in the Courthouse, the client contacted Attorney Verhoff.  He met with the client and his family, who were astonished when he told them his goal went beyond avoiding incarceration.  Attorney Verhoff believed he may be able  to get the client out of all criminal convictions.  After reviewing the case, Attorney Verhoff noticed some weaknesses.  He then met with the prosecutor and pointed out the flaws.  He also gave the prosecutor with valuable insight about the client.  At the conclusion of negotiations with Attorney Verhoff, the prosecutor made a settlement offer that the client could not refuse: the ADA agreed to dismiss all felony charges.  The prosecutor then agreed to have the client plead to two misdemeanor possession charges with a promise that upon the client's successful completion of a deferred prosecution agreement, the remaining misdemeanor charges would also be dismissed.  Needless to say, the client, and his parents, were pleased they decided to hire Chirafisi & Verhoff.