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Felony Drug Charge To Be Dismissed in Green County

After executing a search warrant, a joint task force of law enforcement in Green County arrested our client for a marijuana grow operation in his residence.  The case generated a fair amount of media publicity at the time of the arrest.  The client interviewed several lawyers before selecting Chirafisi & Verhoff.  He had two primary concerns.  He wanted to avoid any jail time, and he wanted to avoid a felony conviction.  Given the amount of evidence against the client, including a confession, Attorney Verhoff had his work cut out for him.  Meeting the client's goals was even more challenging because the search warrant was executed properly, and Attorney Verhoff had no legal means of attacking the admissibility of the evidence.  During initial meetings, the prosecutor was adamant that a felony conviction and jail time were required.  But our lawyers did not give up on the case.  In the end, Attorney Verhoff negotiated an agreement by which the client would be convicted and serve probation on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.  At the conclusion of probation, the felony charge of manufacturing THC would be dismissed.  And the agreement included a provision that the client would not be required to serve any jail time.  Needless to say, the client was satisfied with the results.