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Felony Drug Possession- all evidence suppressed

Client was charged with OWI and felony drug possession. Client was involved in an accident which ultimately lead to police locating fentanyl in the client’s purse. The client was referred to Chirafisi & Verhoff from an outstanding lawyer in Milwaukee and we got started. The government wanted the client to plead to the felony drug charge, as fentanyl is an opioid, and they believed a conviction was appropriate. 

The video in the case actually was the big game changer here. The video showed the client was arrested and her purse was removed from her body and not searched for almost 20 minutes after she was put in the back of the squad car. That information was never mentioned in the police reports. 

We argued the search was unlawful without a warrant. After a lengthy hearing, the Court agreed, and suppressed the drugs found in the client's purse.