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Injunction Petition Denied, Dane County

In this case, a female colleague of our client sought an injunction against him after she alleged he engaged in inappropriate behavior with her during a business trip.  The client hired Attorney Tim Verhoff on the advice of another, local lawyer.  At the injunction hearing, the petitioner testified.  She stated that she suspected our client drugged her before escorting her to her hotel room and kissing her against her will.  She also claimed he contacted her multiple times after the incident.  The client denied the accusations.  Our lawyer cross examined the petitioner and got her to admit under oath that she consumed more than a half-dozen mixed drinks and a significant amount of wine during the evening.  She agreed she was extremely intoxicated and did not fully recall what happened in the room.  She also admitted she had no reason to believe our client actually assaulted her.  Before Attorney Verhoff could even finish his cross examination of the petitioner, the judge intervened.  The judge concluded that she had heard enough and denied the petitioners request for an injunction.