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No Child Abuse Charges, Dane County

This case is another example of why the lawyers at Chirafisi & Verhoff recommend hiring legal counsel before criminal charges are filed.  In this case, a detective from a local law enforcement agency contacted the client, seeking to interview her about a child abuse claim.  It was alleged the client struck her boyfriend's son multiple times while engaging in discipline of him.  The child made a disclosure of abuse to officials who also observed bruising on his body.   In addition to the criminal investigation, a social worker wanted to interview our client as part of a Human Services investigation. Before making any statements, the client wisely called Attorney Verhoff for advice upon recommendation from a different lawyer in the Madison area.  Attorney Verhoff spoke with both the detective and the social worker.  He informed them the client would not be making any statements.  He then met with prosecutors several times over a period of months to discuss the case.  He also provided the client with recommendations for actions that would put her in a position where he would be able to make an argument to the prosecution as to why the case should not be charged. Ultimately Attorney Verhoff brokered a deal with the prosecution in which the District Attorney's Office agreed not to formally file criminal charges against the client if she agreed to participate in an uncharged, deferred prosecution program and engage in parenting classes.