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Not Guilty Verdict in OWI/PAC at 0.14

Our client was traveling home from a wine-pairing dinner party.  Unfortunately, the headlights on her vehicle were not on and the Maple Bluff Police Department stopped her.  The officer smelled an odor of intoxicants, and the client admitted to consuming wine during each course served at the meal.  The officer had her perform field sobriety tests and then arrested her.  The client agreed to take a breath test, which resulted in a 0.14 alcohol concentration.  One of our previous clients recommended she hire Attorney Tim Verhoff to help.  The case proceeded to trial during which Attorney Verhoff cross examined the arresting officer at length.  At the conclusion of the trial, Attorney Verhoff argued to the judge that the arresting officer lacked a constitutional basis to request the client perform field sobriety tests, and as a result, all evidence gleaned from the tests should be excluded.  The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence.  He then found the client not guilty of the OWI and the PAC charges.  On an interesting side note, another officer from the police department, who was not associated with the case, came to watch the entire trial.  He was the arresting officer in a previous case for which Attorney Verhoff secured an acquittal. The officer told our lawyer he came because he wanted to see him "in action again" and that he learned a lot from the earlier case.  He then paid our attorney one of the highest compliments a defense lawyer can receive.  As he was consoling his defeated colleague, he said, "At least you now know who to call if you ever get into trouble."