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OWI 1st- accident .22- charge amended to reckless driving

Our client was involved in an accident on the interstate with a semi trailer. The trooper who arrived on the scene believed that, based on the odor of intoxicants, accident and bloodshot eyes, the client was intoxicated. Our client retained our firm because Chirafisi & Verhoff had previously represented her boyfriend.  (His OWI charge was also amended due to our firm’s work on his case.)

We filed two motions in this case: first, a motion challenging the basis for conducting field sobriety tests.  The second motion involved the distance in which the client was moved to conduct field sobriety tests.

On the morning of the motion hearing, the state voiced concern about whether or not they would be successful in defending the motions.  The state offered our client a reckless driving charge to resolve the case. The client was thrilled with the result!