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OWI 1st- client found not guilty at trial

People who question whether or not they need a lawyer on an OWI should read this blog. 

Our client initially was going to do the case without counsel. She wanted to do that because her test result was a .079 and she thought the government would simply cave in because of the test being below the legal limit. She was wrong.  The government chose to pursue the case with the evidence they had.  They told her that they would not amend or dismiss the charges.

Finally, she reached out to Corey Chirafisi for help.  The trial was only about 2 weeks away when she hired the firm, however, we were able to review the evidence and be prepared even on the short notice.

The officer testified and at the conclusion of his testimony, the court made the finding that the government did not meet their burden of proof and found the client not guilty.