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OWI Amended to Reckless Driving, Columbia County

This case is an excellent example of why conducting the administrative review process can be critical in an OWI case.  Our client was charged with both OWI and PAC violations after Columbia County deputies found him asleep behind the wheel of his personal vehicle.  He "failed" field sobriety tests and agreed to take a blood test, which showed an alcohol concentration of 0.09.  The client, who has a commercial driver's license (CDL), hired Chirafisi & Verhoff, as recommended by a different lawyer.  At the administrative review hearing, the deputy gave answers that enabled Attorney Verhoff to argue the client's license should not be suspended.  The hearing examiner agreed.  As the court case moved forward, Attorney Verhoff filed legal motions challenging the admissibility of the blood test results, based off the answers to question he asked the deputy at the administrative review hearing.  After almost two years of litigation, the prosecution finally gave up, dismissing the PAC charge and agreeing to amend the OWI charge to a Reckless Driving citation.  By avoiding the OWI and PAC convictions, our client was able to save his CDL and keep his job.