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OWI Amended to Reckless Driving, Verona

The City of Verona Police Department pulled our client over for failure to dim her bright lights at about 1:40 a.m..  The officer asked her if she had been drinking, and the client admitted to being on her way how from an area bar with her husband.  After field sobriety tests, police searched the car and located an open bottle of alcohol.  The client was arrested and agreed to a breath test, which carried a 0.08 reported alcohol value.  Attorney Verhoff felt pretty good about the case, and even better after he won the administrative review hearing.  At the pretrial conference, Attorney Verhoff told the prosecutor it would be a trial unless the prosecutor was willing to come off the OWI and PAC charges.  And prior to trial, the prosecutor did just that, agreeing to amend this matter to a reckless driving ticket.