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OWI Dismissed in Dane County

This case is an example of the huge difference a lawyer can make.  Our client, who is an Illinois resident, was stopped and arrested for an OWI-1st Offense.  He refused to take field sobriety tests and refused to take the chemical test of his breath.  He was also given a citation for improper refusal.  Unfortunately, the client did not realize he had to file a request for a hearing on the refusal within ten days, and he defaulted on that charge before our office got involved.  

The client did appear without a lawyer for a court date on the OWI charge.   By happenstance, Attorney Verhoff was present at this hearing and overheard the conversation the client was having with a representative from the District Attorney's Office.  The person from the DA's Office told the client there was nothing they could do about the OWI and he could either plead to it or have a trial.  The client was on the verge of pleading to the OWI when Attorney Verhoff intervened.  Our attorney informed the (now) client that entering a plea to the OWI would have catastrophic consequences on his Illinois license.  Our attorney advised him to fight the OWI.  Taking our advice, the client decided to hire our firm to help.  Attorney Verhoff immediately had the case set for  trial.  In speaking with the prosecutor assigned to the case prior to trial, Attorney Verhoff explained to him the significant consequences for an OWI conviction in Illinois.  He argued this was unduly punitive and unnecessary given the conviction that previously occurred in the refusal.  He also pointed out some of the proof problems the prosecutor might have in the OWI case.  On the day of trial, the prosecutor finally gave up on the OWI case and agreed to dismiss it.  Although the client must still deal with the impact of the refusal conviction, he was spared years worth licensing headaches in Illinois due to the OWI dismissal.