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OWI/PAC/Left of Center- test result .14

This case should provide an example of how being thorough is how you win.

Our client called and was literally distraught about being arrested for an OWI.  She is a college athlete and had some real concerns how this would affect her moving forward.  As usual, the groundwork for the case was started through the administrative review hearing.  At that hearing we were able to get the officer to answer questions in a manner that was extremely helpful to the defense.  We decided to use this information in the court case.

The video of the case was also very helpful.  The officer had indicated that the client was not only weaving within her lane but had actually crossed over the center line which was the basis of the stop of the vehicle.  We literally broke the video down frame by frame and after an exhaustive review of the video it was impossible to see where the vehicle crossed over the center line.  At first the prosecutor didn’t care and was willing to put the officer on the stand to testify about what he saw.

On the day of trial things changed.  The prosecutor had some concerns about the stop and instead of risking losing the entire case, he offered the client an amendment to resolve the matter.

As I mentioned in the previous post, almost every client is very happy when their case gets resolved without an OWI conviction.  This client took it a step further:  She told us that it made her year.  Whether or not we had that big of impact on her life, we will never really know, but for one day it felt good that the client was so appreciative for the work done on her case.