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Precharge case involving allegation of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault- No Charges filed​

We have preached over and over in this blog the importance of “getting ahead” of an investigation. When a client reaches out to us upon becoming aware of a possible criminal investigation, we have the opportunity to really help.

This client had a lot on the line. A teacher who, if charged, would have likely lost his job, even without a conviction. The allegations would have been a problem for him moving forward. He made a decision to get in touch with us immediately before any charges were filed. We were able to get the district attorney’s office to agree to hold off on charges until we finished our investigation. That was a huge help. We were able to get all the reports as well as do our own investigation. After a few weeks, we presented that information to the D.A., who declined all charges. 

Everyone wants to win trials, they are great. Still, the best work a lawyer can do in our opinion is to avoid charges from ever being filed. You will see that as a theme throughout the next entry.