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Return of approximately $24,000.00 in cash and $100,000 in vehicles after 198lbs of THC suppressed

We posted about 6 months ago that we were able to assist a client in getting almost 200 lbs of THC suppressed when the Court found the warrant lacked probable cause.  That however did not end the story.

The government also seized approximately $24,000.00 in cash and multiple vehicles and ATV’s valued at approximately $100,000.00.  The government attempted to forfeit the vehicles as part of a drug forfeiture arguing that the money and vehicles were obtained from drug proceeds.

We, along with another firm representing a co-defendant, filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on the forfeiture arguing that because the items were suppressed in the criminal case, they could not be used in the civil forfeiture proceeding. 

The Court agreed.  The Court granted the clients motion for summary judgment and ordered all items returned to the client.

It was an absolute victory for the client in all ways.  Dismissal of criminal case and return of all property in forfeiture.