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Sexual Assault Case Dismissed, Felony Declined

The Madison Police Department arrested our client after he attended a local house party and allegedly groped two female attendees.  He was also alleged to have punched a party goer, though it was in reaction to being hit by someone else.  At the time of the client's arrest, the officer also claimed the client resisted and caused an injury to the officer, which is a felony offense. 

Upon advice of a judge, the client's family contacted our office for help. Attorney Verhoff went to work before charges were filed, providing the prosecution background on the client as well as the incident.  After speaking with Attorney Verhoff, the prosecution agreed to file no felony charges.  However, the client was charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor resisting.  The case was assigned to a different prosecutor in the office to handle for purposes of trial.  Through negotiations, Attorney Verhoff was able to explain the significant impact the arrest and prosecution had on the client.  He argued the client was young with no record, and continued prosecution in the justice system was not needed.  After listening to Attorney Verhoff's arguments, the prosecutor agreed and dismissed all charges.