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Sexual Assault Charges

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We have successfully defended those charged with first, second, and third degree sexual assault, as well as those charged with sexual assault of a minor.

It can be intimidating navigating the legal system when charged with a serious crime such as sexual assault. Call Chirafisi & Verhoff, S.C. to see how we can help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

If a person is convicted of a sex crime, the court will usually order them to register as a sex offender. This would place their name on the Wisconsin Sexual Offender list. Sentencing often includes jail time or prison time, and subsequent probation with supervision on reporting. 

If you have any questions about a sexual assault charge in the State of Wisconsin, we can help. Chirafisi & Verhoff, S.C. sexual assault charge defense attorneys.  


First Degree Sexual Assault

Wisconsin Laws

Sexual assault can be charged in various ways. A first degree sexual assault offense is most commonly charged when someone who has sexual contact or intercourse with a person who is 12 years old or younger.

Mandatory Prison Sentence 

The legislature recently passed new laws regarding sexual assault which may require a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

In addition to mandatory prison time, sex offender registration is mandatory for a person who has been convicted of a first or second degree sexual assault, or repeated acts of sexual assault.

Repeated Acts

If a person is accused of committing either first degree sexual assault or second degree sexual assault of the same person on at least three (3) occasions, the State can also charge the person with repeated acts of sexual assault. A repeated acts charge is often used when the alleged victim has difficulty trying to recall the specific dates of the alleged offense.

Attorney Corey Chirafisi & Attorney Timothy Verhoff will provide a free initial consultation to anyone who is under investigation for sexual assault or who has already been arrested and charged with the crime. You have the right to an Attorney.

Second Degree Sexual Assault

Wisconsin Law

A Second Degree Sexual Assault charge normally is charged when someone has sexual contact or intercourse with a person who is less than 16 years old. In some cases, this is the charge issued when a boyfriend or girlfriend has sexual contact and there is an age difference between the parties. For example, if an 18 year old boy has sexual contact with his 15 year old girlfriend, it is considered a Second degree sexual assault.  

Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

In most instances, a second degree sexual assault conviction will also result in mandatory sex offender registration.

Possession of Child Pornography


Defenses to the charge of possession of child pornography varies. There may be a defense if the images are located in unallocated space on a personal computer. The law also provides an additional requirement: the alleged defendant knew or should have known that the images contained on their computer were of a person under the age of 18 years. Many times, the warrant in these types of cases can be challenged.

Sex Offender Registry

There are certain circumstances in which a person may not have to register as a sex offender even though they are convicted of an offense that normally requires registration. You should speak with a criminal defense attorney regarding your case and how you might avoid sexual offender registration if you are convicted.

Sexual Assault

If you have been accused of having sexually assaulted an adult or a minor child, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Sex offenses are very serious crimes in Wisconsin if you are convicted.


Under Wisconsin law, rape is a sexual assault. If you believe you are under investigation for a sex crime, please contact Chirafisi & Verhoff as soon as possible. A criminal conviction for sexual assault will impact your life in every way - from determining where you can (and cannot) live, to the places you can (and cannot) go for entertainment, education, training, or employment. Sexual assault charges are very serious. If you have been arrested for or charged with a sex crime, please call Chirafisi & Verhoff right away. Your specific charges will be available for viewing on CCAP, the Wisconsin Court System's Circuit Court Access Database.