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Injunction Denied in Dane County

Some relationships end badly.  For our client, it was a worst-case scenario.  After our client broke up with his long-time girlfriend, she petitioned the court for harassment injunction against him.  Our client, an avid hunter, was particularly concerned because his former girlfriend sought to have him barred from possessing firearms during the four-year injunction period.  She alleged a variety of poor behavior on the part of our client, including a physical assault and stalking.  Our client denied this and was prepared to testify. 

At the injunction hearing, the former girlfriend and another witness for her testified.  Attorney Verhoff meticulously picked apart the testimony about the alleged assault and “stalking” behavior.  He confronted the girlfriend about her allegations and used text records and social media records against her.  At the conclusion of cross examination, the judge stated he did not need to hear from Attorney Verhoff’s witnesses.  Based on the cross examination alone, the judge denied the injunction and said, from the record before him, it could be suggested that the girlfriend had harassed our client, not the other way around.