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Three Separate Cases, Two Felonies, Declined

Three recent cases all share a common theme.  The clients did not wait to be charged, but hired our office to assist before charges were issued.  And that decision lead to no criminal charges being filed.

In the first case, a misdemeanor domestic situation, the client was arrested for disorderly conduct.  He hired Attorney Verhoff on the advice of a different, local lawyer.  The client was particularly concerned about the criminal allegations due to an ongoing child-custody dispute.  Attorney Verhoff immediately contacted the prosecutor to share information about his client's version of events.  He also informed the prosecutor that he had in his possession an audio recording that revealed the "victim" kicked and hit the client during the altercation.  Once the prosecutor learned of this information, he decided to decline charges.  After notifying him the case would not be charged, the client responded, "Thank you so much Tim. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I hope to never require your services again however if I do, I know exactly where I'll be going."

In case two, the client was arrested for on a felony charge of false imprisonment and disorderly conduct.  The client's boyfriend, who was the "victim" in the case, contacted our office for assistance.  Authorities arrested the client after she and her boyfriend had a dispute during which she prevented him from leaving the residence.  Once again, Attorney Verhoff spoke with the prosecutor tasked with making a charging decision.  He provided background about the relationship and the client, who has no record and is about to embark on a career in the medical field.  After listening to Attorney Verhoff, the prosecutor declined charges and the client was released from jail.

The third case also involved felony charges.  This time, the client was arrested on a charge of possessing burglary tools.  The client, a 17-year-old with a bright future, was stopped by police who searched his vehicle.  Authorities discovered several items they believed  he was going to used to commit a burglary.  The client's parents contacted Attorney Verhoff before charges were issued.  Interestingly, they were aware of the items in the vehicle and could provide legitimate reasons why the client was possessing them.  Attorney Verhoff again contact the District Attorney's Office before charges were issued.  He provided background to the prosecutor about the client, who by all accounts was no burglar.  Attorney Verhoff also indicated that if the case was charged, the client's parents would testify about their knowledge of the items in the car and why they were there, which would undercut the prosecution's theory that he was planning to commit a burglary.  Once again, all charges were declined.