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DV Case Dismissed, Dane County

This case is yet another example of why hiring a lawyer before you get charged is so valuable.  Our client for was arrested after an argument with his girlfriend in which she claimed he yelled at her in a threatening manner, shoved her, took her phone and threw it across the room.  After he was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and intimidation of a victim, but before a criminal charge was filed, the client hired our office.  Although the client admitted to yelling, he denied pushing his girlfriend.  Attorney Verhoff contacted the prosecutor assigned to review the case.  Our lawyer provided the prosecutor with significant information about the client's background, as well as our client's version of events.  This was information not contained in the police reports.  Based on this conversation, the District Attorney's Office agreed not to file a criminal charge.  Instead, a non-criminal ordinance violation was filed against our client.  We also contested that citation.  And  the District Attorney's Office ultimately dismissed the case before trial.  Another great outcome for a Chirafisi & Verhoff client.