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Negligent Handling of a Firearm (Dane County) DISMISSED

Case #3: This case involved a successful business women who was really attempting to do the right thing and was charged with a crime. Our client was at her apartment when there was a disturbance outside.  One of the people at her apartment went outside and, without her knowledge, obtained a handgun because they feared the person causing the disturbance would cause them harm.  After the incident calmed down, the firearm was brought into our client's residence.  She became very upset that a gun was in her home and picked the gun up to remove it from her home and place it outside.  The gun discharged in the residence and the police were called.  Once we got involved, we pointed out the facts mentioned above, including the fact the government had incorrectly charged the case, and could not meet their burden of proof.  The government agreed and dismissed the case