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Sauk County Judge Throws Out Evidence, OWI at 0.179 Dismissed

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on recent weekend, our client was driving in downtown Baraboo.  She was waiting at a stop light with her turn signal activated.  Unfortunately, she failed to drive forward for approximately 11 seconds after the light turned green.  A police officer traveling behind her conducted a traffic stop.  Based on his interactions with the client, the officer asked her to do field sobriety tests.  She was ultimately arrested and submitted to a breath test, which lead to a reported value of 0.179.  Attorney Tim Verhoff filed a suppression motion, arguing that the client had not committed any driving infractions prior to the stop, and the officer lacked reasonable suspicion to stop her for driving under the influence.  After our attorney cross examined the police officer at an evidentiary hearing, the judge agreed and ruled in favor of our client, forcing the prosecutor to dismiss both the OWI charge and the PAC charge.  Once again, our attorney received one of the highest compliments a defense attorney can receive.  At the conclusion of the case, the arresting officer approached Attorney Verhoff and told him what a fantastic job he had done, as well as how much he learned by being cross-examined by our lawyer.