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Felon Child Abuse Amended to Misdemeanor DC, Dismissed

Our client was arrested and charged with two counts intentional child abuse after he was alleged to have grabbed his daughter, picking her up by the neck and kneeing her in the stomach.  The client, as well as his wife who witnessed the incident, was adamant that the daughter exaggerated the situation.  Attorney Verhoff advised the client to enroll in a parenting class while the case was pending.  Over the course of many months, he worked on the prosecutor, pointing out inconsistencies with the child's report.  He also presented the prosecutor with the positive reports from the classes.  While the client admitted he handled the incident poorly, he pointed out it happened during the course of discipline. For a long time, the prosecution insisted that the client either plead to the felony charges or go to trial.  In most cases, lawyers don't let their clients speak directly to the prosecutor.  But in this case Attorney Verhoff suspected he could convince the prosecutor to change his mind if he spoke directly to the client.  Our attorney had the client and his wife sit in on a meeting with the him and prosecutor.  They answered several of the prosecutors questions and presented information directly to him.  As suspected, the meeting was fruitful and the prosecutor ultimately agreed to our attorney's proposed resolution.  The District Attorney amended the felony child abuse charges to counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.  The client was offered the chance to participate in a deferred prosecution program, after which the remaining misdemeanors will be dismissed.