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Felony Child Abuse, Domestic Disorderly Conduct Declined

In what can only be described as an incredible outcome for our client, Dane County prosecutors recently agreed not to charge him with felony child abuse and domestic disorderly conduct.  Police arrested our client, who is 17 years old and considered an adult for purposes of criminal prosecution.  Law enforcement took him to jail after he got into an argument with his father and allegedly punched his younger brother.  A good student and a high school athlete, our client's future was on the line.  Based on a recommendation from someone close to the Dane County legal community, the client's family turned to our firm for assistance.   Attorney Verhoff immediately contacted the prosecution and arranged for a bail hearing, getting the client out of jail that same day. Attorney Verhoff then met with prosecutors to discuss the case.  Ultimately, he brokered a deal by which the client agreed to engage in some community service and upon completion, the prosecution agreed to formally decline prosecution of the case.  Having held up his end of the bargain, our client can now honestly answer, if ever asked, that he was never charged or convicted of a criminal offense in his life.